21 March 2007

Tax Time

First, let me say that if I just finshed cleaning the bathroom (yes I'm aware that's midnight, but I'm not tired yet, so what's a girl to do?) and I inhailed way too many fumes from the cleaning supplies. So if this sounds like random jiberish, that's why. At least that's my excuse this time anyway!

So I finished doing my taxes today and offically filed them. It's nice to have that over with. I had been putting it off for quite a while. It really wasn't that bad though. I just had to make myself sit down with the huge stack of papers that is required to fill out all the forms and do it. And yes, I did it all myself. I did make a few phones calls to my dad just to verify that I had done things correctly and wasn't going to get in trouble with the government. I even did the whole itemized deduction thing this year. Now I can make plans for that refund check!
As for the picture, yeah it has nothing to do with this post at all, but I just wanted to include a picture and this is the one I chose. This photo is from Father's Day and it's the first picture of all 5 of us (plus Kaley) that we'd taken in a long time. For those of you who might can't tell who's who here's the order: me, Christine, Rebekah, Sarah, Kaley, and Elizabeth. (L to R)