31 July 2010

Random Bits of Randomness

Do you ever just have those random thoughts, that you aren't quite sure where they come from? I sure do. I think I might have a few more than most because of how my brain is wired. According to Clifton Strengthsfinder, Analytical and Strategic are two of my top 5 strengths. This combination means that I process information faster than most and then am able to formulate a plan based on that. In short I'm a problem solver who looks at lots of situations and comes up with a bunch of random things based those situations. Right now my head feels rather full of random thoughts, so I'm giving you all a chance to hear a bit of my inner monolouge. I know you're thrilled :-).
  • All public restrooms should buy the air freshener Target has in theirs. It always smells like oranges when I go in there, even if the bathroom is a mess and the trash is full.
  • I think mailmen would make the best robbers because they always know when people are out of town.
  • More stores need to implement self check out. Having to deal with most store cashiers kills some of my brain cells. I'm sure of it. Checking myself out saves me from this.
  • The sales girls at aeri know me as "the girl who loves the Ella bra." Is that weird? I think maybe it is, and perhaps indicates I shop there a little too often. It is however the best bra ever! 
  • No matter how many times I watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2, they never get old. I'm currently watching 2 as I type.
  • I have this obsession with buying baby clothes (especially if they're on clearance), but there's no baby anywhere in my near future. Is this a problem?
  • I hate the way Augmentin makes my pee smell, but since it's knocking out my sinus infection, I guess I'll be putting up with it for a couple of weeks.
  • I would pay a lot of money for indestructible dog toys. My cocker spaniel and toy schnauzer have managed to tear up every toy I've ever bought (even the really expensive one I bought online after seeing it in Rachael Ray) and picking up the pieces gets old. 
  • Also where does all that fluff come from? Seriously the smallest stuffed toy seems to have half a bag of stuffing in it. 
  • Why do mosquito bites itch so much? I mean I get the science of histamine release and all that stuff, but why does a little bug that sucks outs some blood itch so stinking much? It doesn't itch when I cut myself shaving and way more blood is shed then.
  • Does your family sing Happy Birthday before or after you blow out the candles? My family does after candles and lots of people seem to think this is weird. (My birthday was Wednesday so this isn't quite as random as it may seem.)
So what are your random thoughts? The things you lay in bed at night and ponder when you can't sleep. Feel free to answer or comment on mine cause I'd love to move on to some other randomness. 

27 July 2010

Nose Plugs

Ok, so I promise to try my best not to gross anyone out with this little adventure of mine, but 5 plus years in the medical field has made it a little difficult to discern what qualifies as gross or too personal. I forget that what I find interesting or might discuss at the dinner table, others get faint or nauseous just thinking about. So you've had your warning. I promise this experience of mine isn't too bad, but in case you don't agree, proceed with caution!
I've been sick for over a week now with the sinus, earache, sore throat, headache crud, and I am miserable. Thanks to this wonderful little heart condition of mine, Sudafed is completely out of the questions leaving me with a very few medications to relieve my symptoms. I've pretty much tried them all. I've sucked on numerous cough drops and hard candy, slathered on plenty of Vics Vapor rub, gargled with salt water (almost chocking to death at one point), taken enough naproxen and motrin to give me a stomach ulcer, and my face practically has frost bite from my sinus mask.  But alas, none of this is helping. Not even a little. I have become a mouth breather (which I hate) and constantly have this horrible drainage taste in my mouth. Nothing tastes good and all salty, spicy, acidic, and rough foods are out as my throat does not appreciate them. I'm sick of it.
So, last night I decided to give in and brave the saline nasal spray. Many people claim it's great and will really clear things out. For most people this probably doesn't seem like a big deal, it is just salt water after all. But to me it's a big deal. I'm not really sure why, but I hate things up my nose (this applies to my ears as well). I don't use nasal sprays (partly because some moron decided to make them floral scented which adds to the allergies), Qtips, Zicam, or anything that involves my nostrils and "up". The idea of having my nose pierced weirds me out more than I can tell you. I don't even like to blow my nose. Yes, I realize this is strange, but hey it's me. I had strep in my nose as a child and had to have my nose cultured, and I think it scarred me for life. Heaven help anyone who tries to get a flu swab or insert an NG tube on me. I will need sedation. However, I was so miserable last night I broke down and decided to go for the nasal spray. It couldn't be that bad right? Wrong!!!! I layed down on the couch to administer the spray because I knew I'd never convince myself to inhale the stuff. I literally drop 2 drops into my right nostril and I immediately think I'm going to die. It burns, makes my eyes water, causes me to gag, and then I taste it going down the back of my throat and I think I'm going to throw up. It was horrible. My nose and throat continued to burn for the next few hours and I couldn't get rid of the taste. Needless to say, the nasal spray is now residing in the trash can, never to come near my nose again. So for now, I continue to be a mouth breather and pray this passes quickly. Tomorrow is my birthday and since no one should be sick on their birthday, I'm praying for complete healing over night. Feel free to join me!

25 July 2010

Back to the Real World

I head back to work tomorrow after spending a wonderful week in  Williams, AZ loving on babies at Young Lives camp. I really enjoyed my time out there and it was amazing watching these teen moms change through out the week. I got the sinus, ear ache, head ache, sore throat, swallowing razor blades feeling thing early in the week which made getting through the week a little bit harder physically this year. I am thankful I didn't get the GI bug that some people got though. I just hope I can kick this thing soon as I head back to work tomorrow and will begin my call week. Plus my birthday is on Wednesday and it's no fun to be sick on your birthday.
It was so beautiful out in AZ and I wish I could have stayed longer. If I go again next summer I hope to make it out to the Grand Canyon. The weather was perfect with highs in the upper 70's/low 80's and nights in the low 60's. Plus NO humidity. It was so cool one day I wore long pants and long sleeves! So needless to say, the return to summer in the South was not so great. I was welcomed back with heat and plenty of humidity.
Since I flew out of Nashville I got to start and end my travel time with visits with my good friend Tasha. I wish we lived closer cause we always have so much fun when we hang out and I value her friendship lots.She also runs a wonderful "taxi service" to and from the airport! I also got to have dinner with my friend Erin and it actually made me miss our time spent together in PA school. The only thing that was missing was Nathan.
Well, it's off to bed for me now in hopes that some extra rest will be just what I need to start the week feeling refreshed. Goodnight all.

10 July 2010


Reasons I like Boston
  • Public Transportation
  • Everyone Walks
  • Fresh Seafood
  • Good Sports Teams
  • Val is there
  • Near the water but not the beach
  • Neighborhoods/Communities
I'm definitely a southern girl at heart and long winters aren't my thing, but if I had to pick a northern town to live in, Boston would be at the top of the list. In a word, my long weekend in Boston with the girls was AMAZING. It was seriously one of the best times I've had in a while, owing in large part to the company while there. It was so great to hang out with the girls and come home feeling refreshed. The weekend was the perfect mix of activity and relaxation. We stayed up late, slept in, lounged around on the patio drinking coffee, ate amazing food, walked-a lot, visited some of Val's everyday hangouts- including her school and neighborhood restaurant, shopped, cooked, and basically just reconnected as friends and caught up on life. It was great. I was a slacker and didn't take any pictures, so these photos are courtesy of Jen. Enjoy!