22 January 2007

Three Cheers for Walmart!

Today the new Walmart in Ooltewah opened, and I couldn't be happier. It's exactly 1.2 miles from my house, which may actually be a little too convinent. In case you were wondering, yes I've already visited it. It's fantastic. The aisle are wide enough that 2 carts can fit down them with room to spare. Everything is bright, open, well labeled, and organized in a way that actually makes sense. The only down side of the new store is no self check out lanes. I was a bit bummed about that since that's how I prefer to checkout.
I know that a lot of people out there hate Walmart, but I love it. It's capitalism at it's best. When a Walmart opens, it provided lots of jobs and enriches the local economy. I've heard the rumors that they don't always treat their employees well, but lets face it, there are plenty of companies that treat their employees like crap. Not that I think that's okay, I'm just saying. I love that I can get everything with one stop at a good price. I also think it's great that they honor advertisements from other stores. Plus there's the whole open 24 hours thing, which means when I get off work at 2am I can go grocery shopping if I want. Walmart can offer things and prices that no one else can because of their widespread success. For example their $4 generic prescription plan for people without insurance. How great is that?!?!? Because of this Walmart can drive market forces and help to lower the costs of medication across the board. It's exactly what healthcare needs. There's also talk of Walmart starting clinics in their stores which I'm personally all for. So Walmart will continue to get my business for now, at least until they open a Super Target in Ooltewah! :)

08 January 2007


I thought Monday was never going to get here. I worked all this weekend and it felt like one big hellish shift. I think we treated every single person in this blasted city this weekend. At one point I saw 20 people in 6 hours, which is pretty impressive in the ER world. I'm just glad it's over. This past week I worked 72 hours so I plan on enjoying my days off. I had forgotten how bad the winter months are in the ER. It was like this last year when I first started and really didn't get better until April. The rooms stay full all the time and the waiting room is packed. It doesn't even die down in the middle of the night when normal people are sleeping. I must say that yesterday people were at least nice, even the ones that had been waiting forever. Saturday was another story, it was like people were competiting to see who could be the most hateful. It was a close race let me tell you. Oh well, as one of the nurses I work with says, they can only do it to you for 12 hours!

01 January 2007


Happy New Year!!!!!!! Here's to great things in 2007.