09 October 2008

Too Close for Comfort

I have gym claustrophobia. And what exactly is that you may ask. Let me explain. I go to the gym (often times drag myself) to work out. Not to socialize. Not to be seen. Not to impress others with my amazing fitness skills. I am there to try and maintain some semblance of a healthy life. I am quite particular about my routine at the gym and do not like for it be messed with. I use the exact same treadmills and bikes whenever possible. I am also quite particular about HOW I workout. I intentionally try and go during non-peak hours so that there are not a lot of people there. I hate to have to use a machine directly next to someone. For some reason there are a large number of people out there who have little to no concept of personal space. Allow me to elaborate (this is where my claustrophobia issues start to come in). I'm at the gym on the stationary bike. There is an entire row of bikes. There is only one other person using a bike. Way on the other end from the bike I choose. I am just getting in the zone when this other women decides to use a bike too. Rather that choose one of the many other available bikes, she picks the one right next to me. I hate when people do this. I'm not sure why but it really, really bothers me. I like my space. There is no reason for someone to crowd me at the gym. I understand sometime there is no choice if all the other equipment it full, but there was no reason for this. I try very hard to never use the treadmill, bike, or elliptical directly next to someone. The more pieces of equipment between us the better. To make matters worse during the whole bike incident, shortly after lady #1 enters the picture, a second lady comes and starts using the bike directly on the OTHER side of me! She also had bad breath and I don't think she knows what deodorant is! Now I'm pinned in and the room is starting to close in! Not that I start to panic or anything, but it makes me very irritated and completely messes with my workout. So my message to gym users everywhere, BACK OFF! Give me some space! Let me breath!