20 June 2010

Second Career?

I love to bake and have tried my hand at some cake making and decorating over the years. I'm not very creative on my own, but if I see a neat I idea I'm very good at copying and putting my own spin on it. My friend Jessica recently gave me the most wonderful book ever, called What's New Cupcake that is filled with pages of wonderful designs that all involve cupcakes, which for me is perfect. For some reason cupcakes are less intimidating that decorating a whole cake, plus I have making cupcakes down to an art. If turning a profit wasn't an issue, I would open my own cupcake shop tomorrow and spend my days baking and decorating. Who knows maybe one day or at least a little side business.
I had been looking for an excuse to try out on of these wonderful creations, and got that opportunity to do just that this week when Jessica asked me to make one for her dad's birthday. It turned out quite well if I do say so myself and very close to the picture in the book. It did take my wrist a day or so to recover from piping all the grass, but otherwise it was quite easy. I'm already looking for an occasion to make another one!