22 June 2011

Dear Life,

You know that talk we had about calming down and cutting down on the amount of crappy stuff that keeps coming my way? Were you listening? I don't think you were. Sure you may have been nodding your head like you heard my pleas to chill out a little, but it clearly did not sink in. So let's try this again. Boring that's what I want. No throwing me for a loop. No surprises around the next curve. No let's see how well Rachel can handle juggling one more ball. Let's keep it nice and easy for a while. I could really use a break.

08 June 2011

Wedding Photo Op

Ok, I know I promised more photos from my stint as a bridesmaid, and there are a few, but most of these are from the other weddings I have been involved in recently. Life has been stressful lately. I have lots of words in my head that will at some point probably make it into blog form, but for now it's pictures.