14 May 2008

Travel Adventures

This past week, I did a lot of travelling, which I love. Last Thursday, after working the night before, I travelled to Knoxville with the rest of my family for my sister Elizabeth's graduation. She got her degree is architecture and will be starting a job in Greenville, SC the middle of June. After enjoying a wonderful meal at Calhoun's, I got back in my car and headed toward Nashville. I managed to make it through the rain, fog, and millions on truck drivers and arrived safe and sound in time to have dinner with my dear friend Leah and her BF. The next morning, at the crack of dawn, we got up and headed to the airport for our flight to DC. Leah accidentally forgot to take her Swiss Army knife out of her purse and got stopped by security when her bag went through x-ray at the checkpoint. This particular knife held a lot of sentimental value and it's actually from Europe, has Leah's name on it, and was a gift from Val. While I continued on to the gate, Leah went back out of the gate and left her knife at this little place that will hold items until you return in cases just like this. Fortunately this was the only hitch in our travels, and we arrived safely at BWI, met Val and baggage claim, and caught the train to Union Station. From there we navigated our way through the Metro and met Jen at the stop near her house. Finally we were all together for the first time in almost a year. It was such a wonderful weekend and I greatly enjoyed the chance to escape from "the real world" for a bit. These girls are 3 of the most important people in my life and I don't know what I would ever do without them. We spent time just hanging out, catching up on life, eating, shopping, and simply enjoying the pleasure of each other's company. It was cold and rainy the whole time we were in DC, but some how that didn't seem to matter. We still managed to have a blast. On Monday, we got the chance to celebrate Val's 26th birthday before we headed to the airport for our trips back home. I drove back to Johnson City the next morning, and now am now spending the next 4 days at work. But it was worth every minute of it!

06 May 2008

It's a Picture

This is my friend Erika and me at her wedding (the one I mentioned in my other post.) It reminds me a bit of picture of us when we were 4 at our Rainbow Bright Birthday Party. Only now we're a little older, and our dresses are much cuter! This is definitely one for the scrapbook.