07 January 2009


There aren't many people in this world that I would consider heroes, but every now and then someone steps into my life that fits that description. For me that person was Nathan Smith. I meet Nathan 5 1/2 years ago during PA school. A skinny, red headed kid, with a big smile, who always seemed to be cooking up some scheme. To look at him you would never know that he suffered from a serious disease. Nathan had cystic fibrosis, but that certainly didn't stop him from pursuing his dreams. He never let his condition define him.
Anytime I hung out with Nathan, I knew it was going to be a good time. He had one of those magnetic personalities that just drew people to him. It was hard not like him. Nathan was a fighter and had a faith that never seemed to waiver. I watched him deal with being sick during PA school, and never once heard him complain. Nathan had a joyous spirit that was certainly contageous.
I know that I will think of him everytime I watch Bad Boys 2 (I'm pretty sure he could recite the entire movie), play Halo or Guitar Hero, pass a red F150, drink rootbeer, see a patient who takes pancreatic enzymes, watch a Colt's game, go out on the lake, hear a Rascal Flatts song, cookout, play flag football, or hear a guy giggle like a girl. I am better for having Nathan in my life for the time that I knew him. I know he had a significant impact on my life and strengthed my faith in Christ.
Tonight, Nathan lost his fight here on earth. He will be greatly missed by many, but I find comfort in knowing that he is with his Father now. He feels no pain and is finally free of his disease. Nathan, may be gone, but his memory and the impact he had on so many that had the pleasure of knowing him means he will certainly not be forgotten.