23 October 2007

Being Girly

I'm not known for being a particularly "girly girl". It's not that I'm really a tomboy or anything, but I am know for enjoying sports, being competitive, not so emotional, and being able to hang with the guys. The term my friends and I have always used is a "gril".Occasionally though, I do enjoy giving in and doing all the girly things that are expected of me. This weekend I spent all Saturday shopping with my dear friend Leah in Nashville. It was some much needed "retail therapy" and I gave in to the shopping experience and bought a few non-practical items just because I loved them. I even paid full price for something, which for those of you who know me well realize how big of a deal this is! We ended our outing with manicures and pedicures. It was my first pedicure, and I think I'm hooked. It was nice to be pampered and just relax. I must say my toes look quite cute. I even went for pink nail polish! That night, I met my friend Erin for drinks and dinner at this awesome little place called Virago (a must try if you are ever in Nashville). The food and drinks were awesome and the atmosphere was great. I felt like I was on Sex and the City or something. It was lots of fun. Then we hit The Stage and as always fun times were had by all! :)
The super "girlyness" didn't last for too long though. By Sunday evening I was back to watching football and trying to figure out why my oil light is on when I still have 2000 more miles to go before it's supposed to be changed!