26 February 2008

Appalachian ER

Okay Robin, this story is for you. After your comment on my previous post, I was inspired to share yet another fun adventure from my experiences in the ER. The other night at about 4am I picked up a chart where the chief complaint read as two stab wounds to the head. I never know what I'm going to walk into when a patient sign in with lacerations or stabbing as a complaint because it can be anything from what can only be described as a paper cut, to the guy I saw yesterday that had bone fragments sticking out of his thumb. I was relieved to walk into the exam room and find an alert patient with only a moderate amount of blood on his shirt. I introduced myself and asked him to BRIEFLY describe what happened to him (I make it a point to emphasise the word briefly because if not some people will start with birth and give me their entire medical history. honestly it's the ER I only care why you are here today!). He explained to me that he got stabbed in the head twice by his girlfriend because he told her he was going to leave her. And what you may ask was her weapon of choice? An Indian arrowhead. Seriously, I don't make this stuff up. Who would have an arrowhead handy? I realize she probably grabbed the first sharp object she saw, but was it just laying on the coffee table or something? Fortunately my patient had a pretty good sense of humor and I got a good laugh out of it and was able to give him a hard time about it. Yes, this is my life.

25 February 2008

Out There

Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads my blog and if so what do they think about it? I know a few of my friends keep with with my blog, but wondering more about the "strangers" or the "semi strangers" that may stumble across what I write. Sometimes I feel a bit like a stalker when I read the blogs of people I only kind of know or know through a friend. It's weird to feel as if you're a part of some one's life and they don't even know it. I've gotten in to the habit of regularly reading other people's blogs lately and I often find what I read either makes me laugh or provides me with some food for thought. I'd like to think that my ramblings do that for others at least on some small scale. I realize I don't write a lot of posts that would qualify as deep intellectual thought, but every now and then I feel like I somehow manage to squeeze out a few lines that might shed a new perspective on things. And while I don't necessarily consider myself a "funny" person, I definitely am sarcastic and I hope that my wit and sense of humor comes across as I write. I'm someone who keeps a pretty tight lid on my emotions and blogging lets me release them a little bit, without really having to talk to anyone. I try not to filter what I put out there (except for some of the medical stories) because I want to be real and able to express the things that bug me or touch me or inspire me or just plain piss me off. I realize that in a lot of my posts it seems like I'm complaining about my life, but for me it's more venting. I just need to let it all out every now and then and I feel like this is my space to do it in.
So whether you read my blog regularly or just stumble upon it randomly, I hope that I add something to your day as you read. And I'd love to know what you think, so use that comment function!