04 March 2012

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Quite literally! This past weekend my good friend Melissa got married in Chattanooga. The weather in Tennessee has been kinda crazy this "winter", and well this weekend was no exception. The forecast showed severe storms across the state with Knoxville and Chattanooga being some of the hardest hit areas. We had all been praying for no snow, I mean it is March after all, but forgot to pray for no tornadoes. Yep, that's right we got caught right in the middle of a tornado while trying to get from the chapel to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. It was terrifying. I saw the funnel cloud moving towards us as we were driving and we quickly turned the other way and pulled into a parking lot beside a building. We hunkered down the best we could as the tennis ball size hail, pouring rain, and wind raged around us. There was a whole lot of praying going on in that car! We were able to laugh about it later on, and everyone made it through safely, but it was an experience I hope to not have anytime in the near future! The same tornado went through Ooltewah where I rent my townhouse out, but fortunately when I drove by to check it out today, no damage had been done!
The rest of the weekend went much much smoother. Melissa's parents were kind enough to let us girls take over their house and we enjoyed a relaxing Saturday morning of hanging out, getting hair and makeup done, and then headed to the chapel for pictures and the main event. It was a beautiful ceremony with a gorgeous bride and handsome groom who are clearly quite smitten with each other. Lots of fun was had at the reception. I caught the bouquet :) I'm hoping that significance plays out in the near future. Here are a few photo highlights from the weekend!