20 November 2011

I like Running!

5k #3 with my fam (they walked, I ran)
I got back in to running at the end of September as an outlet for all the stress in my life. And I'm really glad as I did as I think it is the only thing that has kept me sane lately. It has been a great outlet to get out frustrations and give me a sense of accomplishment even if the rest of my life is chaotic. I think I finally get why so many people like running. I am not a fast runner, and probably never will be. I have to go slow and gradually build up my time. As long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other, that's all that matters. 
This past weekend I ran my 3rd and 4th 5K races, and I was able to run faster and longer than I have before. During one of my races, I overheard 2 ladies talking. The one was saying to her friend that she didn't think she could make it and was going to have to walk. Her friend said not to give herself the option of walking. To think of having to keep running until she reached the finish line. For some reason this really stuck with me. Running is as much a mental thing as it is a physical thing. This week when I have been running and feel like giving up, I think to myself, nope it's not an option. Yesterday I ran for 28 minutes without stopping, which for me is a major accomplishment. I've also been trying to stop and think about why I want to stop when I feel like I can't make it. Do my legs hurt? Am I feeling short of breath or is my chest hurting? Do I have a cramp? Am I hot? For me it is usually the later. I get hot really easily thanks to my heart condition and the medication that I take for it. It was 48 degrees when I ran yesterday. I had on short sleeves and thin running tights. There was a breeze. And I was still sweating like crazy! I actually look forward to winter because it's easier for me to run. 38 degrees is kind of my ideal temp! 
On Thanksgiving morning I am running the Turkey Trot 5K. My goal is to run the whole thing and I really think I can. I hoping for a cool morning :)