21 November 2009

Simple Pleasures

They say life is about simple pleasures. Yesterday I was asked what my simplest pleasure in life was and how it made me feel. I thought about it for a bit and several things came to mind; being with friends, sitting on the couch with my dog beside me, hot coffee on a cold morning. But the more I thought about it I realized that while all those are little things that make me smile, my true simplest pleasure is holding a baby. It may seem strange to some, but when I'm holding a prescious little one it doesn't matter how bad my life may be at the moment, it always brings a smile to my face. At the baby shower last week I got to hold to most adorable little girl who was only 2 weeks old. I didn't want to give her back. I hope someday to have my own little ones to love and spoil but for now I'll settle for the chances I get to love on other peoples.

11 November 2009

Missing Nate

Lately, I have really been missing my friend Nathan. Sometimes it's still hard for me to believe he's gone. I'll see or hear certain things and think I'll have to tell Nathan that, and then I remember I can't. The other day on my facebook page the suggestion on the right side of the page was that I reconnect with Nathan. Oh how I wish I could. I'm not sure why I'm feeling that empty ache so much these days. Perhaps because it's football season and with each Vols and Colts game that I watch I wish Nathan was here to celebrate the victories (especially the one over Georgia!) and discuss what went wrong in the defeats. Maybe it's because it's nearing the time when he started getting sicker. When we all knew he was getting worse but keeping hoping and praying he'd beat it. Maybe it's because I just got back from a mission trip and it makes me think of Nathan's passion for helping other and I'm encouraged to keep volunteering because he can't. I don't really know why. I just know I miss my friend.