11 April 2007

Easter Photos

Hope everyone had a great Easter, I know I did. It was nice to hang out with th family and see everyone. I also got to see 2 of my best friends that I didn't know were going to be intown until the last minute. Surprises like that are always welcomed. We managed to take a family for the first time in forever (thanks Chip), so I decided I'd post it for all to behold. Seriously I can't remember the last time all 7 of us (well 8 with Kaley) had our picture taken. It's been at least 3 years because Kaley wasn't in the last one.

It was quite cold at home and it even snowed on Saturday. (yes you did read that right, it says snow!) It's April and I'm ready for spring and summer. 2 weekends ago I was out on the lake in my bathing suit. I've already had my first good burn for the season. If I had any doubts about wishing it was still cold, they are gone after this recent cold snap. Bring on the sun! Enjoy the pics.

01 April 2007

Never Ending Weekend

This has been one of the longest weekends ever. Work has sucked the past 2 days and I still have one more shift to go before I get a couple of days off. Patients have been obnoxious, it's been busy, and my allergies are out of control. I have had several really interesting cases this week, but today I'm just hoping for slow and boring! Yes, I know, I'm whining.
In other news, I'm looking forward to going home to see my family next weekend for Easter. I haven't seen them since January and it will nice to be back "home" for a few days.