24 December 2006

Merry Christmas

It's offically Christmas Eve, and I am off of work for 3 days! I'm going to crash for a few hours and then get up and drive to Johnson City so I can make it there in time to go to church with my family. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

20 December 2006

Hair Cut

So I got my hair cut this weekend. It was no little trim either. I cut 9 1/2 inches off to donate to Beautiful Lengths. For those of you who have seen the link on my blog and wondered what it is, this is a program started by Pantene this summer to provide free wigs to women with cancer.
I had been planning to donate for a while now, but when one of my best friend's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of November, it became a little more personal. For me, it's a choice to cut my hair, for her it's not. So for anyone who might have some extra hair to spare (minimum donation is 8 inches), I encourage you to check out this site and considering donating. There are several similar groups that provides wigs for people with various conditions such as Locks of Love that provides wigs for kids with alopecia. I donated my hair to them in college (they require at least 10 inches).

Okay, here they are. In order to appease the masses, I'm posting pictures of myself with my hair cut.
I realize that by a lot of people's standards my hair is not that short, but for me it is. Especially since it was down to my butt before I cut it. I think the last time my hair was this short, I was in middle school.I like having short hair, although I'm still ending up with extra conditioner in my hand when I wash it! Guess, I'm still getting use to it. I also realized that's rather difficult to take a picture of yourself when you live alone!

09 December 2006

Photo Op

Pictures always seem to be a hit and they allow others to see bits of our lives that sometimes can't be put into words. I personally love pictures: taking them, putting them in frames, scrapbooking with them, you name it. Some of my friends might say it's a bit of an obsession given the massive amount of albums and frames that have, but I think it's just a healthy habit. I finally got around to uploading some of my pictures off of my digital camera and onto my computer so I thought I'd post some of them for your viewing pleasure.

My sisters came to visit me in Chattanooga a couple of time this fall and on one of those trips, we ventured to the park. We had been shopping and this was the "bribe" that I promised to Kaley for being sweet while we were out. She loves being outside, so this worked out well. As you can tell, she loves the camera and is almost always willing to strike a pose.

My friend Mark, who I've known practically my whole life, got married this August (finally) in Nashville. It was a lot of fun to see some of the gang from high school/youth group. It definitely brought back some memories.

At the beginning of November, Leah and I flew to DC to surprise Jennifer for her 25th birthday. She had NO idea that we were coming, and her reaction was priceless. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and catching up.

Leah's Aunt has this awesome lake house in Alabama, where we spent the weekend this past September. It was the first time the 4 of us had all been together in a very long time. It was good to reconnect and enjoy the fellowship. Even after all these years we're still the best of friends.

01 December 2006

Christmas Time

As I am sure you are all aware, today is December 1st, which to me means the offical start of the Christmas season. I know a lot of people put up trees and start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, but for me 25 days of the season are plenty so I hold off until December starts. I plan to get my tree today and decorate it. I'm excited about having a real tree this year. It seems like such a small thing, but I love that Christmas tree smell and due to fire codes in my apartment last year I couldn't have a real one and had to settle for pine sent from a candle. Not quite the same effect. So if the real tree causes a fire this year, I'll just have to count on the home owner's insurance because I'm having one. I personally don't see them as that big of a fire hazard. My family always has a real tree and we have left the lights on more times than I can possibly count and so far no fire. I must say the Christmas tree all ablaze does create an image that makes me chuckle a little. I know, I have a twisted sense of humor.
Christmas is probably my favorite holiday. I think I really realized this last year when I had to work and didn't get to celebrate with my family. I really missed the traditions that my family has. None of them are that big of a deal, just things like certain foods we always eat on Christmas Eve, the Christmas morning photo in which we all look like we just rolled out of bed (last years photo wins for the best in that category), going to my Granny's on Christmas day, the birthday cake we have for Jesus, and a few other little things. I even missed the Christmas breakfast casserole that I don't really like, but eat every year because it's tradition. The thing I missed the most was going to church on Christmas Eve. There's something about singing Silent Night with the lights out and candles lit, that makes me realize the true meaning of Christmas. I think this year Christmas means a little more to me because I missed out last year. In a way I'm glad I worked last year because it made me realize that for it really isn't about the presents and all that. It's the family traditions and being together that makes the holiday for me.