08 January 2010

What a Week

Ever just have one of those weeks? Well, this one was mine. On top of freezing cold and snow all week, my dad's been in the hospital with a small bowel obstruction, this week was Nathan's birthday and marked 1 year since his death, work's been busy, and I'm working in the ER tomorrow. Talking about getting kicked when you're down. It has just been one thing after another and I couldn't seem to catch a break. A few high points have helped me keep sanity including playing Quelf Sunday night with a wonderful group friends while holding sweet little Jake,holding babies in the nursery at church, spending time with someone near and dear to me on my day off yesterday, and keeping at the 30 Day Shred.
I also have almost gotten my Christmas tree down. All the decorations are off, but the lights are still on. I know when I take the lights off a million pine needles are going to fall off and I'm avoiding removing them because of the mess. Normally I would just take it outside and do this, but it's way too freakin' cold for that!
So to make up for this week I am spending Friday night curled up on the couch, watching movies, and having some me time. Hope the rest of you have had a better week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good shift in the ER tomorrow.

The getting kicked when down thing yeah, it continued. My ER shift was crazy and I got asked by a patient if I was pregnant. Seriously?!?!? Seriously. Next week has to be better, I can't take much more of this.

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