31 July 2010

Random Bits of Randomness

Do you ever just have those random thoughts, that you aren't quite sure where they come from? I sure do. I think I might have a few more than most because of how my brain is wired. According to Clifton Strengthsfinder, Analytical and Strategic are two of my top 5 strengths. This combination means that I process information faster than most and then am able to formulate a plan based on that. In short I'm a problem solver who looks at lots of situations and comes up with a bunch of random things based those situations. Right now my head feels rather full of random thoughts, so I'm giving you all a chance to hear a bit of my inner monolouge. I know you're thrilled :-).
  • All public restrooms should buy the air freshener Target has in theirs. It always smells like oranges when I go in there, even if the bathroom is a mess and the trash is full.
  • I think mailmen would make the best robbers because they always know when people are out of town.
  • More stores need to implement self check out. Having to deal with most store cashiers kills some of my brain cells. I'm sure of it. Checking myself out saves me from this.
  • The sales girls at aeri know me as "the girl who loves the Ella bra." Is that weird? I think maybe it is, and perhaps indicates I shop there a little too often. It is however the best bra ever! 
  • No matter how many times I watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2, they never get old. I'm currently watching 2 as I type.
  • I have this obsession with buying baby clothes (especially if they're on clearance), but there's no baby anywhere in my near future. Is this a problem?
  • I hate the way Augmentin makes my pee smell, but since it's knocking out my sinus infection, I guess I'll be putting up with it for a couple of weeks.
  • I would pay a lot of money for indestructible dog toys. My cocker spaniel and toy schnauzer have managed to tear up every toy I've ever bought (even the really expensive one I bought online after seeing it in Rachael Ray) and picking up the pieces gets old. 
  • Also where does all that fluff come from? Seriously the smallest stuffed toy seems to have half a bag of stuffing in it. 
  • Why do mosquito bites itch so much? I mean I get the science of histamine release and all that stuff, but why does a little bug that sucks outs some blood itch so stinking much? It doesn't itch when I cut myself shaving and way more blood is shed then.
  • Does your family sing Happy Birthday before or after you blow out the candles? My family does after candles and lots of people seem to think this is weird. (My birthday was Wednesday so this isn't quite as random as it may seem.)
So what are your random thoughts? The things you lay in bed at night and ponder when you can't sleep. Feel free to answer or comment on mine cause I'd love to move on to some other randomness. 


Erika said...

1. I've never thought about mailmen being great robbers, but you are absolutely right.
2. Home Alone is awesome. Extra points for it because it is a Christmas movie and makes me feel festive.
3. I've had the same problem with dog toys. Jack Bauer destroys most of them in minutes, even ones that are suppose to be "indestructable". I've totally stopped buying him any toy with fluff in it because I'm tired of cleaning it up. Have tried this or this? These are the only two toys that have managed to survive for any respectable amount of time in our house.
4. I've always had Happy Birthday sung before blowing out candles. Daniel's family does this crazy tradition, where they carry the lighted cake across the kitchen to the birthday person while singing happy birthday. I've begrudgingly started participating, but it seems like a recipe for disaster. I just know I'm going to drop birthday cake and candles all over the floor one day...
5. I'm all for self check out, but I think you should only be able to use it if you can prove you are proficient at it. Have you ever gotten stuck behind a little old lady in the check-out line that can't seem to figure out how to scan anything?

Rachel said...

The dog toys that have lasted the longest in my house are tough rubber toys by Milkbone that I found at Big Lots. I have a pig, chicken, and bear, they have survived a few months, which certainly makes them senior members of the toy collection!
I agree that a self checkout license would be a great idea! I have been behind that lady, in fact I've helped scan her groceries because she couldn't figure it out and I was impatient!
That birthday tradition does sound like a recipe for disaster! Of course a visit from a nice strong fireman, sounds like a good birthday present to me!

Jenn said...


Jess said...

Hysterical...found myself laughing, if only because it's nice to not be alone in some of these thoughts (and the analytical/planner strengths as well)!! Love it!
And ps- at Christmas when I hear the HomeAlone upbeat version of "White Christmas", I always ALWAYS sing along to it like Kevin does in the mirror with his comb as a microphone. It's pathetic, but that's what I always think of!